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Creative Ways to Pick Your Wedding Colors

Your significant other just took you to that one special place, got down on one knee, and asked you to spend the rest of your life with them. Your reply is, “Yes!” After sharing the exciting news with everyone you know, you go to the nearest store to purchase every bridal magazine that you can get your hands on. Next, you go home and flip through the pages planning that perfect wedding that you have always imagined. However, you find yourself overwhelmed! Where do you begin? There are so many choices and decisions to be made. One place to start is picking your wedding colors.

Your color palate sets the tone to your wedding.

Bold colors are great for adding drama or sophistication. Dark colors are excellent to use during the winter /fall season or evening affairs. Lighter colors are used for the spring/summer season or day events. Want a romantic atmosphere? Use lighter hues. Want a casual atmosphere? Again, use lighter tones. Still having a difficult time picking your colors? Here are some creative ways to pick them!

What are your favorite colors?

Combined them and you have your color combinations! This will personalize your special day! Okay, your favorite color is green, and their favorite color is red, and your wedding is in the middle of the summer. You don’t want your wedding to look like a Christmas package in the middle of the summer! Try lighter or different hues of the colors. For example, seafoam green and coral would work beautifully for a summer wedding!

You don’t have to leave your front door to find inspiration.

What colors did you use to decorate your home? Do you have a favorite piece of art hanging on your wall? Do you have a pillow decorated in your favorite fabric? Also, try looking in your closet. Do you have a favorite dress that might inspire you? Again, play with lighter and darker hues of the colors. Still confused! Try these websites:,, or help and ideas.

What is the color palette of the venue?

You might want to keep in mind that some reception sites have a very strong color palate. You might want to find colors that match or blend in with the design’s color scheme. If you pick colors that clash with the venue, it might cause confusion. Also, you can find color inspiration from your surroundings at your reception site. For example, if you are having your wedding at the beach. You might find inspiration from the different shades of color from the ocean, sand, sea shells, sun, sunset, or a tropical flower.

When picking color combinations don’t pick more than (5) five colors.

More than five colors could cause a distraction. One color or a monochromatic variation of the same color is fine. However, sometimes could appear to matchy-match. However, I recommend at least two or three colors; this will add interest to your design.

How do you use your color combinations?

Well there are six essential items that will express your wedding colors. They are your invitations, wedding cake, centerpieces, dress attire, table settings, and favors. I would pick the more neutral color to use on these items and then use the dominant color as an accent color. For example, if your colors are ivory and navy blue, I would pick ivory dresses and add a blue sash.

However, these rules aren’t set in stone. Just personalize your wedding to fit you and your significant other’s style. Remember, have fun with it! The dream of creating that special day is finally here! Congratulations!

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